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Sweet Wines Awards
  • Highland Mist - A sweet blush wine made from a blend of French-American grapes with added orange and lemon spices.
Silver 2011
  • Mountain Spice - A rich, intense dessert wine--ideal for holidays--with  a perfect blend of cloves and cinnamon. We also like it warmed.
Gold 2011
Gold 2010
  • Classic Currant - A romantic marriage of opposites--white grapes and black currants. This sweet wine exudes the essence of sun-ripened currants.
Gold 2011
  • Raspberry Royale - A sweet red wine made with a blend of Aurore grapes and red raspberries.

Best of Show

Silver 2011
Gold   2010

Semi-Sweet Wines  
  • Aurora  Blush - A semi-sweet blush wine that blends Aurore and red French-American grapes. Smooth, fruity, and light--similar to a white Zinfandel.
Semi-Dry Wines  
  • Vidal Blanc - A cross between European and American grape varieties, our semi-dry Vidal Blanc is fresh and fruity with a crisp finish, similar to a Riesling.

Best of Show

Gold 2011
Gold 2010

  • Germanic Style Seyval Blanc - We treated the Seyval grape to a bit more residual sugar to make this semi-dry white wine. Mellow and refreshing, it is similar to a Rhine wine.
Dry Wines


  • Chambourcin - A dry red wine, aged in French oak. The Chambourcin grape's late harvest makes for deep color and full flavor. We like to define the taste as a blend of Cabernet and Chianti.
  • WV Red - A bit of sweetness added to the Chambourcin grape makes our West Virginia Red not quite as dry.
  • Seyval Banc - The Seyval grape yields a dry, well-balanced, white wine with a fruity bouquet and clear, crisp finish.

awards 2011
WV Wine Competition
2011 Awards

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